Lake Annecy.

In a recent thread on the Motorhome Fun, forum members listed their favourite places to stay, Lake Annecy rated highly in that varied list. Over several years I have read glowing reports so it was about time we visited to see what all the fuss was about.

Our initial impressions as we drove out of the mountains weren’t good. A big and very busy town, lots of traffic and the road beside the lake was a constant stream of vehicles. Not our sort of place but we were meeting up with friends so would give it a go.

We turned off the busy main road and on to a narrow and quiet lane to arrive at Camping Le Solitaire du Lac, appropriately named as it was very quiet and well away from traffic noise.

We even had a view of the lake from our pitch, although it was just a glimpse of blue through a small gap in the trees.

A glimpse of the lake

Our glimpse of the lake

The site was fairly basic, no restaurant, swimming pool or any of the fripperies that many sites offer these days but at an ACSI price of €17 it was not bad value. Although it was busy there were empty pitches every night. The pitches were not the largest, our friends with caravan, awning and car had difficulty squeezing everything on, but for our motorhome there was adequate space and a bit of shade from the trees. As usual we didn’t check out the toilets and shower block but the water points were few and far between and the water pressure was often a trickle. To fill a motorhome tank by hose you needed to pay extra at the service point which was a bit of a cheek.


A field beside the cycle track

I went out on my bike for a bimble along the cycle path that runs beside the lake. My goodness it was a busy cycle track. It was well surfaced and marked out into two lanes by a central white line but you needed to keep your wits about you as there was an assortment of users and speeds. People pushing elderly folk in wheel chairs, girls on roller blades, one young woman pushing baby in a push chair as she belted along at speed, guys on road bikes who thought they were on a Tour de France time trial, and French ladies tootling slowly on their ‘sit up and beg’ bikes who favoured weaving along the central white line. Added to that assortment were the occasional large group of school children and you can see that one needed to concentrate if you were keeping up a decent speed.

A couple of deviations off the track did give me some nice views of the lake though.



Cool, clear water

Cool, clear water


Boats and mountains

Lake view

Lakeside peace

We spent four nights by the lake and although it was very hot and humid we very much enjoyed the company of Jenny and John. The world and its ills were very much put to rights, much wine was consumed in the process and we had a lovely drive high into the hills to look down on the lake from above.


Hanging around with friends

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy from the hills

Mountain view

The hills are alive……

Although the lake is very attractive, with its surrounding mountains giving it a spectacular background, it was just a bit too busy and crowded for us, Also, being surrounded by hills the heat and humidity seemed to get trapped in and made it uncomfortable to do anything except sit in the shade. We said our goodbyes and headed for the higher hills and some cooler and fresher air.

Keeping cool

Keeping cool


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