Winter sun….

….at last.



We didn’t time our first winter trip to Spain very well as it coincided with a spell of unsettled weather that seemed to affect most of Europe.

First an ‘Arctic Plunge’ brought cold and frost down from the north, then large areas of low pressure brought storms to Spain and France, followed by days of cloud and heavy showers.

At last, after ten days at Les Medes the weather settled down to the warm sunny days that the regulars here say are the norm. Not that is had been all bad, we just had a mixture, one day lovely followed by a cloudy day. Now it has reverted to the usual pattern of clear days and chilly, cloudless, nights.

We have been quite lucky though as we really only had one very wet night and morning while the Costa Del Sol have had floods and torrential rain which effected some popular winter sun spots for days.

Most of the ‘Snowbirds’ who come south for the winter go further south to the Alicante/ Costa Blanca region where the temperatures are a few degrees higher than here in northern Spain. There the sites are full and there are plenty of bars and restaurants open. It is much more lively with plenty going on to keep people entertained.

On the Costa Brava, it is much quieter. Les Medes is the only site open and there is loads of space. L’Estartit is partly closed down and most of the apartments in the many new blocks have the shutters closed. That all means that it is quiet and peaceful with little traffic on the roads.

Our last week at Les Medes stayed sunny but with a bit of a chill in the air. It was good weather for walking though and we had lots of strolls to the sea or along the lanes to just stretch our legs. As soon as the sun started to go down in the late afternoon it got a bit too cool to be sitting outside.


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