Story time…..

Are you sitting comfortably children? Then I’ll begin….

A long, long time ago three young men travelled to a far distant land in search of adventure and ……!

OK, thats enough of the fairy tales.

We, for I was one of the lads of course, went on our first overseas holiday, a cheap and tacky package holiday to the Costa Brava in Spain. It must have been around 1965-6 and we flew to Girona on a Dan Air Avro York, basically a converted Lancaster bomber.

I really can’t remember much about the place we stayed except that it was just outside L’Estartit and in the middle of sandy, scrubby countryside. The one thing I do remember is an outdoor circular dance floor with columns each side containing large speakers that blasted out dance music until all hours.

Fast forward 50 years or so and I’m back in Spain and roughly the same area, close to L’Estartit, but this time on a campsite with wife and motorhome. While out walking I was reminiscing about that holiday and wondering where it was we stayed, while looking around for clues and possible buildings that might look familiar.

We were in the bar having a drink with friends when I spotted photos of the present site with before and after pictures of the owner and family. There were also pictures of the site before they bought it and blow me down, there was that dance floor with the speaker columns.

How much of a coincidence is that? Over 50 years since I stayed at L’Estartit and it is in exactly the same place.

Of course, it has all changed. The sandy tracks are now proper roads, the tacky cheap hotel is now an upmarket smart campsite and many buildings have been added. The original building is still there though and although there is a circular area in the middle of the large paved area outside the bar, I think the old dance floor is long gone, to make room for the swimming pool.

It is still surrounded by countryside but the scrub is now neat and tidy fields and the lure of the sea means that it is much more built up than all those years ago. A short stroll up the lane to the sea though and little has changed unless you turn and look inland. The view out to the Las Medes islands is just the same as I remembered.


Les Medes and L’Estartit


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