Over the hills to Spain.

The promised rain and storm didn’t arrive during the day on Wednesday although the wind certainly blew hard. The usually calm lagoon beside the aire looked more like open sea with the waves splashing over the rocks a few feet in front of us.

Every now and again I checked out the http://www.lightningmaps.org website to see how far the storm was progressing and watched it pass Barcelona as it very slowly made its way towards us.

As we got ready for bed thunder was starting to rumble and soon all hell let lose. As the rain started the wind suddenly dropped, the rain became a torrent and soon it sounded like someone had turned a fire hose on. Lightning flashed almost continually, with thunder right overhead. Gradually the storm continued on its way north and left us to sleep in peace.

Thursday morning and a quick departure from Gruissan, a stop at Carrefour in Narbonne for supplies and on to the D900 towards Spain. The road was excellent and with light traffic we made good time. Shortly before reaching Perpignan we joined the A9 as I had decided to splash out and pay the motorway toll to take us up and over the mountains and into Spain.

Leaving the Spanish AP7 at J3 we travelled on excellent country roads to our destination just outside L’Estartit.


Camping Les Medes

Members of Motorhome Fun forum had sung the praises of Les Medes campsite (GPS 42.04249° 3.18351°) and one of the members, Paul, was on the site and gave us daily updates on the weather etc. It sounded as if the site was good and not crowded as some are further south. We really didn’t want to go too far south if we didn’t need to as we had already done over 1000 miles to get that far.

We arrived at lunchtime and were given a site plan with the available pitches marked and told to have a walk round and chose where we wanted to go. Two or three weeks would be fine or just a couple of days if we wanted to leave earlier, all very friendly and laid back.

The site is in the middle of the countryside, perhaps half a mile from the sea and is very quiet.

The sun was shining, it was warm and we had a pitch on the edge of the site overlooking fields.

Happy bunnies!!


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