My Flabber….

….is well and truly gasted!!

Back in 2012 I bought an iPad to replace my large and heavy Sony laptop for use when we were away in the motorhome. While learning how to use it I started to write about our day and where we had driven and found how simple it was to include photos into a Pages document, compared with Microsoft Word.

I posted a few bits and pieces, plus photos of our travels, on Facebook which seemed to go down well with friends, so eventually took a further step and decided to write a blog and put it on-line.

This was my first ever post on Motorhome Moments:-

October 2012.

Every time we go away in our motorhome I write a log describing our travels, where we have been, how many miles we cover and include some pictures.

For years I have taken loads of photos but they get stuffed into albums and eventually into the loft to never be seen again. Now, with digital photography, they fill hard drives until the drives fail and you lose the lot.

The logs were a better way for us to remember and re-live our precious holidays and all the interesting things we have done since retiring. In the future we can sit and read them and enjoy the trips all over again.

One or two friends seem to have enjoyed the little snippets I have posted on Facebook so I thought it was time to expand and allow more people to follow our travels and interests.

After just four years my little blog has just reached 25,000 views from almost 8,000 visitors from, at the last count, well over 40 countries. The blog also has 60 faithful followers on WordPress plus loads more on Facebook and Twitter. Many thanks to you all.

I really never expected to have more than a dozen or so readers as it was, and still is, written mainly for us to browse through in the long winter months or when we can no longer travel as much as we do now.

Many, many thanks to my regular readers and please do leave comments if there are improvements or suggestions of things you would like to see. It’s always lovely to receive comments particularly if someone has followed our recommendation for  somewhere and enjoyed it as well.

Don’t forget that you can see many of our destinations on my YouTube channel at :-

Or enter Motorhome Moments into search.


3 thoughts on “My Flabber….

  1. jennysargeant

    Well done Richard. That is amazing but well deserved as they are a joy to read and frequently inspire me to try to visit a new place, or inspire envy that we can’t stop where you do!

  2. motorhomemoments Post author

    Thank you so much Jenny. We enjoy our trips so much that it seems a shame not to share some of the lovely places we find and go to.
    If that enables others to enjoy them too, it makes writing the blog worth while.
    Just as long as these places don’t get so busy that we can’t find a spot for us in future!

  3. Our Bumble

    I love reading your blog, so thanks for sharing and that sounds like an impressive number of visitors, well done and well deserved!

    In terms of feedback, I struggle to find the latest post as I always look in the top menu and then realise I need to look in the right hand side.


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