To the land of sunflowers.

We spent three nights at Parc Verger and on the Monday drove south, through the Dordogne and Lot valleys  to the ancient region of Gascony, considered to be historically the oldest part of Europe.

We were back at La Romieu, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a very beautiful 12c fortified village with a huge 14c collegiate church whose towers dominate the surrounding countryside.


The twin towers.

We had stayed at Le Camp de Florence (GPS 43.98265° 0.50187°) a couple of times before and always enjoyed the site, countryside and village. The site also has the advantage of a very pleasant outdoor restaurant/bar area where you can eat in the cool of the evening in very pleasant surroundings.

The lovely rolling farmland around the area seems to grow mainly sunflowers although we always seem to miss the sight of acres and acres (should that be hectares?) of bright yellow faces turned towards the sun. By the time we arrive towards the autumn they are ready for harvest and have mainly turned brown.

A stroll round the village, through the cool colonnades and a rest on the seats in the shaded side of the square is always a real pleasure. The tourist office sells tickets to visit the church where one may climb the towers for a different view of the village and surroundings.

There is also the story of Angeline and the legend of the cats to add interest. (I covered Angeline in a previous entry of this blog.) There are carved cats everywhere throughout the village.


Our pitch overlooked a large paddock where we were entertained by the antics of half a dozen small goats, a pony and a large mule/donkey (not sure which). I think the animals are there to entertain the children on site but in the absence of little darlings/horrors they had to make do with us.


Kate and friends.


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