Should we go or should we stay?

We had intended to stop at Champ de La Chapelle for one night or perhaps two but we seemed to have been seduced by the laid back way of life there. Sitting with a good book in the dappled shade of the trees with a gentle breeze wafting through the leaves, seemed like an excellent way of whiling away the hours on a hot day.

On Wednesday evening we wandered over to the bar for a beer and burger and a shared bottle of red. We were joined by Simon and an Irish couple who also had a MoHo. Mark and Adele were touring France with their two cats, who apparently love being in the motorhome.

We were amused by their stories of driving round the M25 in their LHD vehicle. The larger of the two cats likes to sit on a large cushion between the passenger seat (usually the drivers seat in the UK) and look out of the side window. With Adele sitting well back, passing vehicles have to take a second glance at what appears to be a cat driving a motorhome. Cameras are frequently produced by the amused passengers in passing cars.

South west to Parc Verger.

On Friday we rather reluctantly left Camping de La Chapelle to head further south.

We were intending to leave at around 10am but Simon came over to bid us farewell and it was over an hour before we finally left.

We needed fuel, food and gas so planned a stop at a large supermarket that had all three. Problem was the gas filler was the wrong side and so the fill hose wouldn’t reach. Fuel and food were stocked up and we went on to another fuel station listed as selling GPL. The pump was out of action there so on to number 3. After finding our way into a rather convoluted entrance that filler was also on the wrong side and the only way to fill would have been to reverse in, causing total chaos at a busy filling station. Thankfully No.4 was easy peasy, filler on the correct side and lots of space. With full tanks we could go on our way at last.

After all the faffing about trying to get gas, plus our nattering to Simon, it was well past lunch time and well past the time we expected to be at our next stop. Hey ho! Who cares, we are on holiday.

After a steady drive along the N145 and then south on the A20 we turned off north of Limoges and followed the by-pass around the city then south on the N21 to our destination at Parc Verger (GPS 45.71627° 0.91828°).


Parc Verger ( is a sort of hybrid site, not quite an aire and not quite your usual campsite. Owned by a British couple, Franc and Lisa it is a well known stop for UK motorhomers. I think it was originally designed for RV’s but has now been opened up to smaller units, caravans and tents with some grass pitches but most on hard standings. Some pitches are fully serviced with water, drainage and hook-up others with just mains hook-up.

Franc & Lisa have plans to add a bar and cafe, providing the plans are passed, which will broaden the appeal of the site and add a focus for social get togethers.



One thought on “Should we go or should we stay?

  1. Mark Sharpe

    Thank you for a lovely comments, we enjoyed your company that night to.we are sat watching the sun set over the volcanos in St Nectaire A, Mark +2 cats


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