Languedoc and the Canal du Midi.

Friday morning and we were back on the A75 and going south to another repeat stop-over at Homps, a small village beside the Canal du Midi.

The view from our door

The view of Homps from our door.

We found Homps last September, after a recommendation from friends who had been before and we loved it. It’s not a ‘proper’ aire, just what is usually known as ‘permitted parking’. There are no services and parking is on a piece of waste land beside a canal basin and opposite a lovely old village. it is quiet and peaceful with canal boats just drifting almost silently through. One of the large hire companies have their base there so there is plenty of comings and goings to watch. Parking is limited to 24 hours but being France rules seem to be for guidance rather than strictly adhered to.


Boats for hire.

Boats for hire.

After two days we moved the few miles west, through Narbonne and down to the sea at Gruissan.

Gruissan old town.

The ‘old’ town of Gruissan.

As usual in that part of France the breeze blew and the sun shone, at least for some of the time.

Blue sea and sunshine

Blue sea and sunshine. The view of the lagoon from our aire.

Gruissan marina

Gruissan marina.

We had made a loose arrangement with our caravanning friends John & Jenny ( that we would meet up in the Pyrenees at a camp site we had been to several years ago. The French unions put paid to that idea by deciding to go on strike and picket the oil terminals. With the usual panic buying that always happens when it looks like a shortage is looming, the news was full of reports of fuel stations running out and motorists stranded. It didn’t seem very wise to be driving long distances across France and high into the mountains. Things were also complicated by the water pump failing in their caravan and John & Jenny having to wait in the Lot Valley for a replacement to be sent from the UK.

We spent four days at Gruissan and then, with full water, fuel and gas tanks, went back to Homps for a further four days, both conserving our fuel and staying in the best weather in France.

Bridge over the canal.

Canal du Midi at Homps.

The weather on this trip was not what we usually expect at that time of year in France. Much of the country had a lot of rain, low temperatures and strong winds. We certainly had the strong winds but thankfully some sun as well. Looking at the weather apps it seemed that we were in the best place so we stayed where we were, moving back the short distance to Gruissan to fill with water and dump waste. The trip into the Pyrenees was abandoned, at least we could get fuel around Narbonne.


7 thoughts on “Languedoc and the Canal du Midi.

  1. jennysargeant

    We had another Portsmouth/Caen ferry booked for mid August when we planned to go to the Auvergne. Having done part of that this trip instead of the Pyrenees, we have postponed the ferry to next May to try again for down south. If, as a result of the vote, the rate of exchange improves we will book a Dover/Calais ferry and go over to Alsace, otherwise I think it will be Cornwall. Pity, as for the first time, we had taken out Red Pennant for the year rather than a single trip.

    1. motorhomemoments Post author

      So disappointed that we didn’t meet up as planned and also that we didn’t get back to the Natura site. In hindsight we would probably been OK for fuel and could have gone into the Pyrenees but didn’t know that at the time. Glad you’re home safely and hope you enjoyed the trip in spite of the weather and everything else that seemed to be against us and you.

    1. motorhomemoments Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, Homps is just lovely and we must find some more places along the canal.
      We are back home now but the weather didn’t improve a lot. it’s been a funny old year for weather so far. Just hoping it improves.

      1. tosan1

        Thankfully we didn’t go out this May-June as usual its been horrible, hopefully it will be better when we go t the end of July !

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