After two restful days we drove south east to Roanne and an aire that had been recommended as particularly pleasant. Roanne is a large town on the River Loire and the aire (GPS 46.03788º 4.08358º) overlooks a large canal basin which we hoped would be busy with boats and barges but it was mainly full of houseboats. Nothing moved on the canal although the boats were a wide variety and it was a pleasant walk into town.

As we approached the large church of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires there was the sound of organ music drifting across the square from the open doors. Of course, we had to have a look to see and hear what was going on and found an empty church with the organist practicing. We sat a while listening to the soaring notes and admiring the stained glass windows and the coloured patterns being left on the stone by the sun shining through.

Sun through the glass.

Sunlight through the glass.

The aire was very well laid out with 10 bays, all separated by large grassy areas, and at €6.50 per night was good value.

Rain on its way.

Rain on the way.


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