Back to old favourites.

After two, new to us stops, we returned to our old favourite aire at La Mailleraye-sur-Seine on Thursday. The following weekend was Pentecost, a holiday weekend in France and so we expected that ‘everyman and his dog’ would be out and about and aires would be extremely busy. The plan was to stop at La Mailleraye for the weekend as finding places on aires and sites might be a problem. We might as well stay put and relax knowing that we would have all the facilities that we needed on the doorstep. We had reckoned on sitting out in the sun during the day with BBQ’s in the evenings but unfortunately someone forgot to tell the weather that it was a holiday weekend. Where have we all heard that tale before?

Ship watching

Ship watching.

We did manage an hour or two in the sun but the weather wasn’t great so on Monday we were off south again. This time heading to the centre of France and another favourite aire at Sancoins.

Considering it was a holiday in France the roads were remarkably quiet, hardly a truck to be seen and little car traffic. What a joy to drive on really good roads with no congestion or tolls.

I have written about Sancoins before so there is no need to reiterate, just to say it was very popular with all the bays on the aire taken in the evening but was as peaceful and lovely as ever.

Canal bank

Canal bank.


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