St Valery-sur-Somme.

We left Montreuil, telling ourselves that we would definitely be back some time, and headed further south to another town we have been intending to explore for ages.

St Valery-sur-Somme is situated on the south side of the Bay of Somme, opposite Le Crotoy where we have stopped several times in previous years. The Aire de Camping-Car (GPS 50.18216º 1.62898º) is a fairly new one with barrier control and lots of space in a quiet residential area on the edge of town. You collect a ticket on entering which will raise the barrier and as you leave pay cash or CC at the machine. The validated ticket will then raise the barrier to let you out. At €10 per night, including water fill and dump, its not bad value for a very peaceful night on a well maintained and spacious aire.

It was about a 15 minute walk downhill into the old town and the sea front.

Fishermens cottages

Colourful fishermen’s cottages


Memories of a previous age.

Camping cars are banned from the town and seeing the very old and narrow streets one can see why. Old fishermen’s cottages are huddled together in one area while elegant Victorian villas stretch out along the promenade overlooking the bay. Further on one comes to the remains of the medieval town or what’s left of it, after taking a pasting during two world wars.

Entrance to the old town.

Old town entrance.

It was another lovely old town that we will return to and being so close to the channel ports would be good for a quick visit when time was short.


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