France 2016.

It was just over three and a half weeks since we returned home from our six week trip to Portugal and we were returning to France.

In that short time we had five days away in Lincolnshire watching aircraft at RAF Coningsby, had an automatic levelling system fitted to Celine, the motorhome, and tidied and sorted out the garden and house as well as assorted appointments with opticians and medical centre. Phew!

It just goes to prove what a hard life it is being retired. After all that dashing about we needed a holiday.

The second Monday in May saw us driving south again down the A14 heading for Folkestone and the Channel Tunnel. We arrived in plenty of time for our 16.20 crossing but after going through passport control and lining up to wait for loading the message on the sign board changed to inform us that there would be delays. A train had stopped in the tunnel and an hours delay was expected, that changed after a while to two hours delay. Ho hum! Just sit and wait patiently in the knowledge that we had all the comforts of home with us, unlike those cramped up in small cars. In the end we were only delayed about ninety minutes so it wasn’t too bad.

On arriving in France we went round to Cite Europe and parked there for the night with supper in one of the restaurants.

Northern France is somewhere we tend to whizz through to get to more interesting places and there are lots of towns that must be worth exploring. One of those is Montreuil sur Mer, a town we have driven past numerous times and have never stopped for a look around.

We found the Aire de Camping-Car (GPS 50.45924º 1.75963º) easily and were pleased to find that it had been revamped from a tatty car park to neat and tidy marked out bays for eight motorhomes. On a quiet residential street it was only a few hundred yards from the centre of town.

Aire at Montreuil

The Aire de Camping-Car.

The town is surrounded by huge ramparts which are covered in grassy banks and make a lovely walk. One side has views over the countryside, the other glimpses of the cobbled streets and old buildings. Once inside the walls there are squares, churches and lots of interesting winding streets and buildings. Why had we sped past this lovely old town so many times?



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