Towards the Channel and Home.

After lovely sunshine on Sunday it started to cloud over and during the night the rain came, gently at first and then harder, tailing off as we were ready to start driving. The dry patch lasted all of about ten minutes and it started again as we headed towards Bourges.

We were now well and truly heading home and our next stop was our old favourite of La Mailleraye-sur-Seine. It was a long haul for us, as we usually try to limit the driving to 3-4 hours a day, which gives us time to go for a wander round our new destination when we arrive. Despite the on-off rain it was a good and uneventful drive over decent roads with light traffic.

We arrived at a very soggy La Mailleraye to find the river almost overtopping the banks and full of debris from the heavy rain.

We woke on Tuesday morning to blue sky above when viewed through the skylight but we couldn’t see the river for thick mist. The watery sun was just visible and soon started to burn off the fog to start a lovely day.

We had a lazy morning and reluctantly left the Seine at mid-day on almost our last leg of what had been quite a journey. In lovely weather we trundled through the attractive French countryside to our last night stop at Calais.

There has been a lot of hysteria about the migrant crisis and how Calais has been affected but so far, we have never had a problem and reading the motorhome forums neither have most others. With that said, we took our lives in our hands and decided to stay the night at Cite Europe for the third time.

As usual everything was quiet and we shared the enormous car park with four other motorhomes.

Cite Europe parking

Cite Europe parking.

We wandered over the road to Cite Europe for a beer and a meal then retired to Celine for a nightcap before a peaceful night.

The next morning, after topping up the fuel tank, we arrived at the tunnel to be offered an earlier shuttle. We were home by early afternoon having done around 3,700 miles at an average of 26.2mpg.

In 42 nights away we only spent four on a ‘proper’ camp site, nine at ‘Pedro’s’, five wild camping and the rest on Aires. Although we didn’t particularly select aires for that reason many of them were free. We would have been very willing to pay for some of the wonderful places we stayed.

Our total spend on site and aires was only €196.50, an average of €4.70 over the 42 nights. What a bargain!


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