Sleepy Sancoins

After days of motorways, wind, rain and noisy trains we arrived at sleepy Sancoins on Friday afternoon.

We found the aire (GPS 46.833170º 002.91424º) there a couple of years ago and it’s become one of our favourites, in fact it was our third time there in less than a year.

Sancions Aire

The aire is tucked away on the edge of the small rural town beside a disused canal. It is quiet, apart from birdsong and the rooks that were nesting in the tall trees and there seem to be more tractors than cars passing by on the nearby road. The aire is free, as is the dump for grey and black waste but a jeton at €2.50 is required for water and electric. In the summer it is a very popular spot and no-one seems to worry about using awnings, tables and chairs but early in the year the place was almost deserted during the day, with a few vans arriving late for a nights stopover.

View from our door

The view from our door.


We stayed for the weekend, strolled around the town and watched a few locals fishing while doing very little ourselves.

Celine with mistletoe in the trees

Reflections of Celine. Note the mistletoe in the trees.


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