The trains in Spain……..

…….run mainly through the night.

OK, slight exaggeration (but it makes a good headline) as we pitched up for the night in a semi rural spot but close to where two rail lines converge.

Area Bellvei at Bellvei de Penedes is a small privately run aire (GPS 41.24583º 1.56972º) tucked away behind a farm building and surrounded by vineyards. At €8 per night plus €1 for wi-fi it is excellent value as long as you’re a train spotter.

Bellvei aire 2

Bellvei Aire with railway just beyond the field.

The railway runs just beyond the open ground in front of the parking spot and the trains roar past every few minutes. There are substantially fewer at night but we were still disturbed by them at times. Apart from the trains, it is a well cared for small site with good facilities for dumping and taking on water plus there is a toilet provided.

Bellvei aire

Good water and waste facilities at Bellvei.


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