The drains in Spain……

…….are mainly full of rain.

Apart from the train noise it started to rain during our evening at Bellvei and continued all night, seeming to get heavier as the night went on.

We returned to the toll motorway to continue north as I really didn’t fancy driving through or too close to Barcelona. I’ve read too many stories of bandits and ne’er-do-wells preying on tourists using the main roads through the area, so the E15 seemed the safer and quicker option……to hell with the cost.

The rain continued to hammer down as we drove and despite the spray the motorway seemed far safer than dodging through crowded towns and villages.

After crossing the border and getting back into France we left the motorway at Narbonne and after a stop for supplies at Carrefour we drove down to the sea at Gruissan. As we parked at lovely Gruissan the rain finally stopped for the first time in 20 hours.

Gruissan aire

Looking out over the lagoon.

The aire at Gruissan marina is on Avenue des Quatre Vents (Four Winds) and is as aptly named as it’s possible to be. During our many previous visits the wind has always played a part at some time during our stay but on this occasion it did itself proud. It howled down from the nearby Pyrenees and didn’t stop during the two nights we were there. The van rocked and shook but the sun shone and we stayed inside enjoying the view of the flamingoes feeding in the shallow water of the lagoon.

Almost deserted Gruissan aire

An almost deserted aire at Gruissan, it will look very different in couple of months time.



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