Will we ever arrive…….

……at our intended destination?

It was now one week since we crossed into Spain with the intention of quickly getting to the sun of the Algarve. We had done 1,500 miles since leaving home and were still about 200 miles short of our intended destination. The problem was, we kept getting distracted by lovely places.

Carpet of wild flowers

Wild flowers carpeted the ground on our little peninsular.

We decided to stay on our quiet little peninsular on the lake for a third night which meant it was two weeks since leaving Suffolk. In that time we had only spent €3.50 on overnight stays, although the places we had stopped at weren’t chosen for the price but for their views or convenience to our route. It was just luck that the only one we had to pay for was at a machine at Gravelines, which we could have easily avoided had we been minded to. All the places we had stayed at would have been well worth paying a decent fee for as most, apart from Capbreton perhaps, were in lovely spots.

Our third day on the lake started with the usual cloud that seems to form over the water at night but was soon burning off as the sun strengthened. However, it was followed by a much more widespread sheet of thin cloud that soon covered the whole area. At least it was still bright and warm as we watched herons and storks fishing round the edge of the lake. Two local fishermen, father and son we thought, went out in their small boat to attend to their nets and brought back a huge catch of plump looking fish.

Fishing boat

Fishing boat.

As the day wore on the thin cloud turned to light intermittent rain which continued on and off until, just as the sun was setting, the cloud cleared to leave a superb sunset over the water.

Sunset over the lake


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