Wild Camping in the Wild West.

Nice spot to wildcamp

Looks like a nice place to stop for a few days. The view from Monsaraz.

We were ‘wilding’ on a small grassy promontory beside the lake, the Barragem d’Aqueva, not quite the most westerly part of Portugal but it is the west of Europe.

Suddenly a horseman, complete with cowboy hat, appeared on his white charger and proceeded to gallop up and down splash through the water and make the horse rear up and do other tricks to entertain us and the handful of other people around. It all seemed a bit bizarre in the middle of the Portuguese countryside.

The rodeo arrives

The rodeo arrives.

Portugese cowboy

Portuguese cowboy.

We had spotted a small group of motorhomes parked on a lovely spot from our eyrie high up at Monsaraz. We investigated and it all looked good so after a diversion to look at a nearby aire and use the dump and fill facilities we returned and joined the three other vans there (GPS 38.42657º -7.38305º).

Wilding by the water

Wild camping by the water.

Surrounded by water on three sides and well away from roads, lights or noise it was an idillic spot to just chill in the sun for a couple of days.

Reading in the sun

Reading in the sun.


2 thoughts on “Wild Camping in the Wild West.

  1. Fred Chase

    looks like a good one and have therefor put it on our “to look at ” list for next time. we were in Evora in Feb on the way back from a three month jaunt around Spain/Portugal but it rained and rained so home we came (to SW France). what is the weather like?


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