They are a funny lot……

……the French I mean.

Political correctness warning!

We love France, particularly the wonderful countryside and the rather laid back way of life but the French do tend to be an odd lot.

I have written in the past about some of my observations, the Frantic Frog was one of them (, but there are many other things that we find amusing.

If there are acres, sorry hectares, of space they will come and park three feet (one metre) from your door, they never, ever pick up after their dog (which is usually a yappy ‘rat on a rope’) and they all talk as loudly as possible. It’s a nice country, just a shame about some of the people.

One of the things we always look out for when choosing a site or an aire to stay at is a good view. Rivers, lakes & canals are favourites but any nice view over countryside will always win over urban clutter and buildings.

We have often been amused when we stop at La Mailleraye-sur-Seine, where we park overlooking the river and watch the ships and barges, when the occasional van parks with their back to the river. That is perfectly sensible if you have a van with a rear lounge but if not you are missing the very thing that most people go there for. I think all the vans that I’ve witnessed parked facing away from the view have been French.

The view from the cab

The view through the windscreen at Marvão.

This week we have been at Marvão where there is the most fantastic view over miles of open country. At night the lights of the farms and villages twinkling below give it a magical feel so you might agree with me that when a Frenchman parks facing a dark, dank stone wall rather than that fabulous view he must be just a bit bonkers.

A Frenchmans view

The Frenchman’s view.


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