Olá Portugal.

A day sooner than expected we arrived in Portugal to a spectacular setting.

Marvão Aire 3

Our original plan was to stop at the Spanish town of Cáceres overnight but after battling through the busy town with its non stop traffic and arriving at the crowded aire we decided, not for the first time, that large towns are not for us. A quick bite of lunch and a coffee and the sat-navs were programmed for Portugal and an aire that had been recommended.

For the first time in Spain we were on a country road rather than a motorway and I have to say that the standard of the road was first class. We made quick progress to the Portuguese border and soon after took to the narrow twisty road up to Marvão.

Perched on the top of a rocky crag at over 2500ft is a whitewashed convent and beside it the aire (GPS 39.39430º -7.37401º) with its stunning views out over the countryside. Nestling among the rocky hills and outcrops are small villages and farmsteads and in the far distance, looking back into Spain, snow covered mountains.

The Convent

Convent beside the aire.

Above the aire is the ancient fortified village, dating back to Roman times, and above the village a Medieval castle. Quite a spot!

Marvão Aire 2

Marvão Aire with the village above.


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