Towards the Pyrenees.


A lazy Monday at Blaye. Unlike the previous evening when there was a lovely clear sky, the morning of Monday dawned murky and damp. Eventually the sun broke through the clouds and gave us a brief glimpse before hiding away again. We wandered round the town in a light drizzle but apart from the gardens and statues beside the Citadel we weren’t much impressed.

I did manage to find a decent free wi-fi signal and managed to download the newspaper and upload a couple of things but after a few minutes the signal went. I guess someone switched off the router, which was most frustrating as of all the other signals I could see none were available to me.

Tuesday and we were back on the road south. It was a lovely sunny morning and with the sun streaming in through the windscreen it got quite comfy in Celine.

Past Bordeaux on a busy N230 ring road and on to the A63, south through the Landes. The A63 is a great road, wide and straight but very, very boring. In the last couple of years the French authorities have turned it into a toll road but being the ‘tight wad’ that I am we routed round the tolls but still used most of the motorway.

The first toll heading south is just after Junction 18. Leave the motorway and take the D834 through Moustey and on to Pissos where you turn right onto the D43. That will take you back onto the A63 past the toll. Leave again at J12 and head down the D947 towards Dax. Turn right onto the D824 then D810 towards Bayonne. It means a few more K’s but providing you’re not in a rush the change from the boring motorway, plus the saving in toll charges, might just make the detour worthwhile.

We turned off the D810 onto the D28 heading for our night stop at Capbreton. Getting through the town is a bit ‘twisty turny’ but there is an enormous aire (GPS 43.63560º  -1.44683º) right behind the sand dunes.

It was advertised as being open all year with services and electric hook-up but when we arrived the aire was closed off, as were the services, but everyone parked on the adjacent car park.

Capbreton Aire

Part of the Capbreton Aire.

Unfortunately, although you can hear the Atlantic crashing in, there is no sea view. Just sand and more sand.


Atlantic from the top of the dunes.

Atlantic evening

Atlantic evening.

Tomorrow we cross into Spain for the first time, where we will lose our Iberian virginity.


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