The Rain in Spain…..

……falls mainly on us!

After the lovely sun yesterday at Capbreton the weather turned foul overnight. We could hear the rain and wind battering the van during the night as a weather front that also affected the UK came through. The forecasts all said it would clear by 11am so we set off south again but this time using the toll motorway.

I haven’t paid for motorway tolls in France for some years but this was different. For a start we had only paid for one aire during our week in France, the magnificent sum of €3.50, so I felt we should contribute a little more to the flagging French economy. Also, the main roads to the Spanish border all run through very built up areas, so there are lots of traffic lights and roundabouts but also with the dreadful weather and signs warning of snow ahead is seemed worth the small cost.

It was a good move as the weather just seemed to get worse. The roads were awash and the spray from HGV’s made vision difficult but at least there were no pedestrians or cyclists to worry about.

A couple of small tolls and we were over the border into Spain where the road became quite dramatic as it climbed and twisted round hills and through multiple tunnels. In good weather it would be a pleasant and dramatic drive but with the wind and rain it was hard work.

Eleven o’clock came and went and still the rain hammered down but we were now at well over 800 metres high and at least it wasn’t snowing. Overhead gantry signs kept warning of snow and at regular intervals there were snow ploughs stationed beside each carriageway with their beacons flashing and the drivers waiting for their orders to go. Fortunately they weren’t required while we were on the road.

Eventually there were glimmers of brightness ahead and a small patch of blue sky appeared just before we reached our planned overnight stop.

We found our aire at Torquemada, a small town just off the A62 motorway, which is approached over a beautiful medieval stone bridge.

Bridge at Torquemada

The bridge at Torquemada.

The aire (GPS 42.03705º -4.31615º) is listed as being ‘dead quiet’ as it’s beside an ancient chapel and the town cemetery, there are even storks nesting on the bell tower. We had a walk around the very sleepy little town and only saw one other person, although it was siesta time I suppose. Of all the vehicles that have come past us so far the majority have been tractors.

Torquemada Aire

Torquemada Aire de Camping-Car.


A ‘dead quiet’ place to spend the night.

Now we are sitting in Celine, the sun is shining from a cloudless sky and all is right in our little world again. Another almost identical Carthago has arrived and parked alongside and it turns out to be a chap that I have often conversed with on-line as he is a fellow member of Motorhome Fun forum. Not only that but his name is almost the same as mine. Could someone who is into betting give odds of that happening a thousand miles from home and in the middle of the Spanish countryside?

Torquemada Chapel

Chapel complete with nesting storks.

Chapel with storks nest



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