Say Hello to Celine.

We think she is a bit of a ‘looker’ with a great body and curves in all the right places.



To give her her proper monika she is a Carthago Chic c-line (hence Celine) I 5.0 and so far has just 200 miles on her clock.

Chic c-line

It seems that the German reputation for top build quality is in safe hands because no matter how hard I look I just can’t find a locker door, a join in the cabinet work or a panel that is even a mm out of line.

FullSizeRenderAs she is a ‘left hooker’ and an A Class with that wider cab and huge windscreen plus an auto box she is taking a bit of getting used to on the road but so far has performed really well, being smoother and quieter than our previous vans.

With luck we will get her across the water soon for some serious driving and interesting places. Just watch this space.


7 thoughts on “Say Hello to Celine.

  1. nomaggsrush

    She looks great. Hope you have thousands of happy and safe miles in her.
    I very rapidly got used to LHD, as I’m sure you will, and it makes sense if you’re spending most of your time in mainland Europe, tho’ as you say in England any passengers get a bit flinchy at on coming trucks!!


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