From Screaming Jets to Shaggy Sheep and Swooping Swallows.

Part 2.

Le Tour ici.

Le Tour ici.

After a hectic and very noisy weekend at Waddington we were looking forward to a few days peace and quiet so on Monday morning we were heading through Lincoln to join the A1 and north to Yorkshire. We had a good run with light traffic for most of the way and stopped just once for fuel in North Yorkshire. Off the A1 and on to the A684. Through Leyburn and into Wensleydale. The Tour de France had been through much of the dale two days before and every village and town was dressed in bunting, bikes and polka dots. Everywhere looked pristine with mown verges, patched potholes and flowers in pots and tubs at every turn. The whole dale was even more of a picture than usual.

The way to Hawes

The way to Hawes

We were going to a favourite spot just outside the town of Hawes. I had tried to book into the Caravan Club site, just because we hadn’t been there before, but they didn’t have space for the three nights we wanted so I phoned Bainbridge Ings site (GPS 54.300970° -2.186045° who could fit us in. The CC site is close to the town and a short walk in to the pubs and shops but it is in the bottom of the valley beside the river, it also appears to have lots of trees surrounding it. Bainbridge Ings, where we have stayed several times before, is high up the valley side, above the town and surrounded by fields, sheep and wonderful views. The site has a laid back atmosphere and the owners keep it looking immaculate. There are only a few hard standings, close to the buildings, with most of the site just blending in to the surrounding fields with their signature stone walls. When the setting sun lights up the hills, walls and barns the effect is stunning. This must rank as one of the best views from any site we have ever stayed on.

Wensleydale lit up by the golden light of the setting sun.

Wensleydale lit up by the golden light of the setting sun.

Golden stone barns and walls in the evening sun.

Golden stone barns and walls in the evening sun.

We originally planned to stay at Hawes for three nights but the weather and scenery was so lovely that we decided to extend it by a couple more days. We walked into Hawes a couple of times for supplies and just to look around and also visit the Wensleydale Creamery to sample and buy some cheese. Like the other towns in the dale Hawes looked great, bunting everywhere, bikes on buildings and even the local bus had red polka dots on it. In the Main Street there was an arrangement of flowers, sheep and French bread built around an ancient tractor and shop windows were full of TDF displays, even the school children had been busy painting posters and flags.

We didn’t get completely away from jet noise, as the RAF use the Yorkshire Dales to practice low flying. There were a succession of training and front line aircraft whizzing up and down the dale to keep us rushing to the door to see what was passing. For most of the time though the only sound was the twittering of the swallows as they swooped across the grass and the calls of the sheep.

On Saturday we reluctantly left Yorkshire and headed back down the A1 and home. We had five glorious days at Hawes and both looked forward to returning soon.



3 thoughts on “From Screaming Jets to Shaggy Sheep and Swooping Swallows.

  1. Paul Smith

    Aaaaah The North Yorkshire Moors, Leyburn and beyond. I have spent many a Happy day and hours (NOT) on the moors, ranges one week exercises the next. The best one was a big exercise just before we left for bigger exercises in Singapore/Malaysia where we had to pretend we was in the Malay carry out insurgency patrols etc, the only trouble was besides being on the Yorkshire moors it was January with snow and ice everywhere 😦 we were not amused!!!!!! In the summer though there is Nowt wrong with “Gods own county” eeeeeeeeee lad a pint of Yorkshire Bitter and fish and chips LOL Pleased you and Kate enjoyed it, see you soon Best Regards Paul xxx

  2. Sandra

    We probably waved or past you somewhere along the way. The welcome Hawes put on for the TDF was incredible.


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