Leaving the Med.

Thursday 5th June.

With a little reluctance we leave Gruissan after more than a week in the same spot. The sun has been glorious but the constant wind did get a little wearing. However, on the morning we leave it is glorious, full sun and barely a breath of wind.
The decision has been made though and we hit the road again after a stop at the Gruissan Cave to stock up on a few bottles and then into the service station next door for diesel and gas. Despite 15-16 days running the fridge/freezer, cooking, hot water and a little heating on the first few days we have used just over one cylinder full, about 25 ltrs, of LPG. We have not been on mains hook up since leaving home.
We thread our way through Narbonne to a supermarket we have used before and do a big shop…..we may be well clear of shopping opportunities if we end up high in the mountains.
By the time we have stocked up it is well on the way to mid-day so we have decided to break our journey with a stop at Gimont, a small town between Toulouse and Auch.
Over the river bridge at the far side of the town and there is a small free aire beside a lake (GPS 43°37’47.95″N 0°52’10.00″E). It is close to the busy N124 so there is bound to be a bit of noise but it is a pleasant spot with locals jogging, fishing, feeding the ducks or just out for a walk. The sun is shining, there is no wind and we might even have a BBQ.

We did 136 miles today @ 27.6mpg.

Aire at Gimont.

Next to the Aire at Gimont.



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