Heading for the wilds.

We have been in Gruissan for over a week now and it is high time we moved on. We rarely stay in one place for this long when we are touring in France but we seem to like it here, so why not? 

We have a great pitch, tucked up in a corner in the quietest part of the aire with the water only feet away. We can walk around the marina to the local shops, passing line after line of lovely looking and expensive boats and all for 8€50 per night.


Despite the wind, the weather has been glorious and today, Wednesday, is the first time is hasn’t been sunny for the whole day. Mind you, Meteo France had been warning us of that for several days so it was no surprise. So, today is cloudy and we even had half a dozen drops of rain this afternoon but we are all still in shorts and tee shirts and it is lovely and warm.

Tomorrow we are going west and then turning south and up into the high Pyrénées where the weather forecast looks good for the next few days. We need to replenish our food and booze stock as well as fuel and gas on route so we will take a leisurely drive tomorrow and stop over between Toulouse and the mountains. 

After over a week by the Med we are so chilled we are almost frozen.


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