Waddington……..and beyond. July 2013.

Take off for home.

Sunday 28th July.

After some debate and ‘shall we, shan’t we’ discussions we decide that Sunday will be our home run. The reason for the debate was that ‘our’ Vulcan, XH558, was due to take off from her home base at Doncaster at around lunch time on Sunday and we would be travelling down the A1 close to the airport an hour or so before her departure. Should we head there to see her depart and then land and stay in the area overnight or dash on south to get home in time to watch the Hungarian Grand Prix highlights that evening?

Hmm, Vulcan or F1?

We are away sharpish on Sunday morning, despite the heavy rain that has been hammering on the roof all night. On to the A66, over the Pennine Hills and as we go through the low cloud at the top there are brighter skies up ahead. By the time we hit the A1 there are blue patches in the sky and the rain has stopped……hooray! We made good time with light traffic and as we near the turn off for Doncaster the decision is made to divert for a few miles to go and pay our respects to our old girl.

Soon there is quite a crowd gathering in the Old Bawtry Road, including a bunch of good friends from Vulcan to the Sky Club and the kettle is on for tea and coffee. There is plenty of banter and much gossip to catch up on as we all wait for the Tweets to keep us informed of progress. Right on time Kev Rumens turns up the wick on the four Olympus engines and ‘558 tears down the runway and leaps into the air. A typical lively ‘Kev’ wingover to port and she flew away to the east for her first display at Cleethorpes.

We had a bite to eat then said our goodbyes and hit the road again rather than wait for the aircraft to return.

The rest of our journey went well with no holdups and we got home at around 5:30, in plenty of time for us to see the GP highlights and a great win by Lewis Hamilton.

Our drive home was 308 miles but the total miles for the trip was 1412 @ 25.4mpg.

Our motorhome has now got 10849 miles on the clock.

My apologies for my tardiness in posting this account. It had been my intention to post small segments as we travelled but as we were in quite remote areas where there was no WI-Fi available and the mobile signal was almost as bad, it has had to wait until we reached home and therefore be posted in large chunks.


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