Waddington…….. and beyond. July 2013.

Heading for the Borders.

Monday 8th July

We spent another peaceful night at Barn Farm, helped by exhaustion plus a bottle of wine but not helped by those bally noisy cockerels.

Rather than go back south and home we were heading north for a few days with our first stop at Berwick-on-Tweed for four nights. As Kate was not very mobile we had booked onto the Caravan Club site (GPS 55º 45’34.09”N 1º 59’57.19”W) overlooking the harbour and sea so that she has something interesting to look at even though she can’t walk far. On the map Berwick didn’t look too far from Lincoln but in fact it is over 200 miles so it was a longish drive. After a stop to stock up on food we arrived at around 5:30pm. There was only one pitch left that was large enough to take our ‘truck’ and, inevitably, it was a pitch with no view whatsoever. It was also on a heck of a slope so even with our ramps under the front wheels we were nowhere near level. The following day we moved to another pitch at the top of the site but right next to the East Coast rail line. Surprisingly the rail line was not that noisy. There was a bank, surmounted by a stone wall, between us and the line so we couldn’t see anything of the trains but just heard the ‘whoosh’ as they went through, really no more noise than a truck going past and much less frequent. We never heard a sound at night despite having the roof wide open.

The views from the site are what makes it so popular, it was almost full all the time we were there, and there seemed to be a nice friendly atmosphere with almost everyone speaking or nodding a greeting as they walked past……somewhat unusual on some sites.

The site is on the side of a steep hill overlooking the harbour of Berwick with the old town and it’s three bridges crossing the Tweed to the left and the open sea ahead and to the right. The town of Berwick is worth exploring and a walk around the ancient walls is a ‘must do’ although this time our third visit to the town, we didn’t venture off site, just sat and soaked up the views.We enjoyed our four days there and would certainly go back again.

Berwick harbour from our site

Berwick harbour from our site

Sailing at high tide.

Sailing at high tide.

PS. Apologies for my tardiness in posting this account. It had been my intention to post small segments as we travelled but as we were in quite remote areas where there was no WI-Fi available and the mobile signal was almost as bad, it has had to wait until we reached home and therefore be posted in large chunks.


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