Waddo, day one.

Saturday – Show day.

Early start and ready to rock at 7am. I opened up the rear of the Village ready for the others who had to contend with early morning traffic and made final adjustments to the displays of merchandise.

Kate was not working at this show as it was only eight weeks since she had her hip replacement. However Bob found plenty to keep her occupied in the motorhome as he bought out boxes of pencils to sort and wrap as well as stick-on patches to put into sets and attach to children’s flying suits. That was more than enough to keep her out of mischief for the weekend, added to a walk around under the aircraft to see her name displayed in the bomb bay.

Ray, Andrew, Kate & Mouse under the aircraft.

Ray, Andrew, Kate & Mouse under the aircraft.

Soon the public were pouring into the show and after a briefing on the latest developments we were ready to face our public. The VV was busy from the start with a constant stream of people coming in and sales were brisk.

Starting to get busy.

Starting to get busy.

Vulcan was on early in the day with Bill Ramsey in the left hand seat, Martin in the right and Phil Davies with the new ‘trainee’ AEO Jonathan Lazzari down the ‘coal hole’ at the back. An enormous howl as she tore down the runway and climbed steeply to turn away from the airfield and then come straight towards the crowd with another steep climb. The highlight for me was Bill’s spiral climb that just kept on climbing, climbing, climbing on full power then silence as she spiraled all the way back down. Although there were lots of critics saying it was not a good display I thought it was great……but then I think any Vulcan display is great.

As is usual the VV was packed after the flight and stayed busy for the rest of the day. It had been a long and hot day and with everyone getting tired we finally closed at 6pm. We were running short of a number of lines so Bob & Issy had to drive back to HQ to pick up more stock to see us through the next day.



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