Welcome to Motorhome Moments

Every time we go away in our motorhome I write a log describing our travels, where we have been, how many miles we cover and include some pictures.

For years I have taken loads of photos but they get stuffed into albums and eventually into the loft to never be seen again. Now, with digital photography, they fill hard drives until the drives fail and you lose the lot.

The logs were a better way for us to remember and re-live our precious holidays and all the interesting things we have done since retiring. In the future we can sit and read them and enjoy the trips all over again.

One or two friends seem to have enjoyed the little snippets I have posted on Facebook so I thought it was time to expand and allow more people to follow our travels and interests.


Our first motorhome, a Swift Bolero with Vulcan XH558 at RAF Lynham.

A sunny afternoon in France.

A sunny afternoon in France with motorhome No.2, our AutoTrail Delaware.


Celine, our third MoHo, a Carthago C-Line, trying to tow a Vulcan at RNAS Yeovilton.